Sunday, October 9, 2016

This is Part II of why James Bookhout must have shot a blank.

I pointed out last time that the famous Jackson photo, which won a Pulitzer Prize, is fake. In it, Leavelle has two left arms, and Oswald has a total of 3 arms, which are marked below. Also, the long hair on the Shooter is most assuredly fake. They did that to dissuade anyone from thinking that he was a police officer or FBI agent, who were decidedly clean-cut.

But, the reason they had arms going everywhere is because they were covering up the areas that would have been, or might have been, affected by the trauma. And that's because there was no trauma- not yet.

I mentioned that it was extremely unlikely that Leavelle (or Graves, for that matter) would have been willing to be attached to a man who was going to be gunned down. Again, don't assume that it was going to be easy; a sure thing. The actual shot was taken at an angle.

Forget the Jackson photo. This above was the arrangement when the shot was taken. Think about all the leverage involved. Think about how poor the lighting was. Think about the fact that the Shooter was looking at Oswald, not at the muzzle of his gun. All he had to do was be turned a little bit too much, and Leavelle could have taken a bullet. Bookhout was a lawyer for the FBI; he wasn't a sharpshooter. Would you have trusted him? Would you have wanted to be in Leavelle's spot?

Bookhout was a lawyer who joined the FBI to avoid being drafted. This is a statement by his wife Charlotte: 

"After World War II broke out, Mr. Bookhout, then a 28-year-old practicing civil attorney, had a choice: He could join the military or join the FBI. "He was a calm person and thought he'd make a good agent because he didn't get rattled," said his wife, Charlotte Bookhout of Dallas."

His own wife said that he was a calm person, a lawyer. He wasn't a gunslinger. So, is there any reason to think that Jim Leavelle would have trusted Bookhout to shoot Oswald without shooting himself, that is, Leavelle? And, is there any reason to think that James Bookhout would have thought that he could hit Oswald without hitting anyone else? I seriously doubt it.  

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