Sunday, October 9, 2016

This is Part IV of my series on whether Bookhout fired a real bullet or a blank, and in the last segment I demonstrated that because of the lack of a muzzle flash and cylinder gap discharge that it could not have been a live round. It had to be a blank, and a weak blank at that. 

And, it makes sense in terms of what happened before because what happened before makes no sense. You had Leavelle and Graves coming out and not even scanning the area for threats. There were so many threatening phone calls that they brought in a Brinks truck to transport Oswald. Yet, Leavelle and Graves didn't even look for threats? They looked straight ahead like horses with blinders on. Then, "Ruby" moves on Oswald, brushing right by Graves, but Graves doesn't see him and does nothing until after the shot goes off? It is untenable. It is unbelievable.

And, that the shot was faked makes sense in terms of what happened afterwards. Because: Oswald went through a series of motions. He first cringed forward; then he leapt backward; then he went up on his toes: HIS TIPPIE TOES. And finally, he fell straight, vertically down to the ground like a freight elevator going down at the Texas Book Depository except at light speed. YET, THE SHOT SUPPOSEDLY SEVERED HIS AORTA AND HIS VENA CAVA.

How could anybody do all that muscular action without having circulation?

Then, the films, all of them, methodically and systemically prevented us from seeing what happened to Oswald and "Ruby". We lost sight of both of them, almost immediately. How come we didn't get to see Oswald being picked up and moved inside? It just worked out that it wasn't visible to any camera? Oh really? What a shame. 

I don't believe it. I don't believe it for a second. It was all a dog and pony show. It was theater. And if you believe that the official story of the JFK is a lie, and if you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed and innocent, then you have no business whatsoever believing this cock 'n bull story about how he died. 

And I'll point out something else important: it's the same people telling it. The same people who are telling you that Oswald shot Kennedy from the 6th floor are telling you that Jack Ruby shot Oswald while he was in police custody with a guard on each side. 


Now, the next thing we have to talk about is this: If Oswald wasn't shot in the garage, then where and when was he shot? 

He was definitely shot. They absolutely could not allow him to live. They didn't skirt him off somewhere and give him a new life. 

Remember: he was married, and he had a family. HE DEARLY LOVED HIS WIFE AND KIDS. Don't believe the stories you hear about him being an adulterer. Don't believe for one second that he was going to run off with some other woman. He loved Marina, and he loved his kids. He worshiped them. 

So, how could they possibly offer him a new life somewhere if it didn't include his being with Marina and June and Rachel? They were all he cared about. They were his life.

So no, Oswald was definitely killed. And why are we even talking about it? Dr. Tom Shires at Parkland Hospital declared him dead. He went through his dying agony, second by second. There is no doubt that Oswald was killed. But where and when was the fatal shot actually inflicted?

We'll get to that in the next installment. 

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