Saturday, October 15, 2016

This is where Bookhout's hat comes off, and you can see he's not Ruby because he's got that high horizontal hairline in back and the clean, razored neck, which Ruby did not have.

Then, we see the cop in back with sparse hair start covering his head with something.

And then the fix:

There, that's better. But, I want you to notice that not only do they not handcuff him, but nobody even tries to twist his arm behind his back. That's what cops do. They get the violent guy down on the ground, and they twist is arms behind his back. And they'll hold them there, if necessary, until handcuffs arrive. But, nobody here ever went for his arms. All they wanted to do was herd him into the building. That's all. They were trying to protect him- from our eyes. 

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