Thursday, October 20, 2016

This is the whole Jackson photo, and it gives us an idea where Bob Jackson was, which is on the opposite side from where "Ruby" was.

So, there was his cubbyhole, and most of the Newsmen were to the right of it.

Do you, or do you not, see that it shows the throng of Newsmen to the right? But, obviously, Jackson must have been to the left, and way to the left.

 Jackson was well to the left of the left corner. "Ruby" was way over on the right, amidst the throng of Newsmen.

Considering how far away Jackson was, I'm surprised that Jackson glibly said that "Ruby" was to his right. "Ruby" was nowhere near him. Ruby was at the other pole of the area, and approached from the opposite angle.

I am just going to have to talk to Bob Jackson. 

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