Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A new image of Oswald (new to me) has surfaced, and I have made a new collage of it with Doorman.

It's darn good. The noses match perfectly. So do the pursed lips. The chins are spot-on too. There is the same long neck, and the same low-riding t-shirt. Oswald's eyes are in shadow, but still, they match. And, notice that you can see the fine pattern of Oswald's shirt. It had a fine woven quality, and it reflected the light in bright sunlight. On Doorman, you can see the fine graininess which matches well, and you can also see some light reflection. That is NOT a plaid pattern. Plaid means boxes, and there isn't a single box. Doorman's shirt was NOT plaid. The contrast we're seeing was NOT its pattern. No shirt maker would make a shirt with such a pattern. Why? Because it wouldn't sell. This collage is being added to the Oswald/Doorman hit parade. 

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