Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I have added this new compelling collage of Oswald and Doorman to the OIC website. It's on the Oswald page, and it's now the first image you get to after Larry Rivera's wonderful overlay of Oswald and Doorman.

What I like about this collage is that it confirms the man, the clothes, and the look, that is, the stare. So, it's a trifecta. 

Yesterday, I had the good experience on Youtube of showing it to a naysayer, after which he admitted, readily, that, yes, it is Oswald, and it has to be. 

Where we are now is that all the other side has left is pure denialism: the ability to say "no" by hitting keys on the keyboard, which they can still do and will always be able to do. But, it's becoming increasingly shallow, hollow, and ineffective. It is completely beyond doubt that it is Oswald in the doorway: same man, same clothes, same look. It is insane to think that Oswald and Lovelady looked and dressed that much alike.    

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