Monday, July 18, 2016

This has become one of my favorite collages, and I call it the Core collage because it compares the core of the faces. And Doorman's is a perfect match to Oswald's.  

Those are the same eyes, with the same prominence of the brow bone and the same closeness of the eyebrows to the eyes. It's the same nose. The shadow under Doorman's nose reflects the large flared nostril of Oswald. Lovelady's nostrils were much smaller, and they were closed off, in comparison. It's also Oswald's nasal tip on Doorman. It's also the same pursed lips. The whole depth of the face is exactly the same.  

Lovelady had a huge span between his eyes and his eyebrows, and you can see it in all his pictures. He had small nostrils. He didn't purse his lips like Oswald did. Doorman's face is definitely that of Oswald. 

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