Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I have had a big breakthrough this morning. It's big to me. That's because for years I have wondered why these two versions of the FBI photo of Lovelady exist. I refer to the one on the right as the "Hard" version because he looks harder. And, I refer to the one on the left, which is majorly shaded, as the Soft version because the shade rounds out his face giving him a softer look. 

But, which one came first? And which one was sent to the Warren Commission by the FBI attached to a letter by J. Edgar Hoover himself? I have been wondering about this for years, and now I know the answer.

The answer is that the Hard version on the right is the original, and the Soft version on the left didn't come along until the HSCA in the late 1970s. They didn't want to use the FBI photo, and they didn't use it. It's not the one they gave to their anthropologists. They gave them the one from the 1950s instead. However, they published a collage which featured the photos that Robert Groden, their hired photo expert and supposedly an Oswald defender, worked with in his analysis. And that's where and when the photo of Soft Lovelady, ensconced in shadow, first appeared. They shaded him to keep us from seeing him too well and too soften his look. 

The last question is: who actually did it? Did Robert Groden himself actually alter the photo and add the shadow? I strongly suspect he did. Read all about it. 


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