Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's about 3 miles from the Dallas PD to Parkland Hopsital. In light traffic, it takes 5 minutes. Presumably, with an ambulance with a siren and no speed limit and traffic moving aside, it would take considerably less than that. 

Reportedly, Oswald got shot at 11:20.

Reportedly, he arrived at Parkland at 11:30.

Dr. Tom Shires: "We first saw Mr. Oswald in the Parkland emergency room No. 2 around 11:30 a.m. (CST) Sunday, Nov. 24. At that time, he was unconscious, had no blood pressure, but made agonal respiratory efforts (dying gasps)."

So, if he arrived at Parkland at 11:30, he must have departed the PD at what? 11:26? If it's 3 miles away, what could their average speed have been? If they could average 60 miles per hour, that's a mile a minute, it would take 3 minutes. But, it's not all driving. 

So, if they started driving to Parkland at 11:26, what time did the attendants get to Oswald's body? Let's say 11:25. 

In this frame below, Oswald is still on the floor inside the PD. You can't see Oswald, but you can see the cop looking down at him.

So, what time is that? It's just inside the door from the garage where they were fighting, but what time is it? Oswald is still on the ground. 

We can jump ahead to after the ambulance attendants came and removed him. It left this:

That was described as a "pan from the door". So, it was very close to the door, just inside the basement of the Dallas PD. 
And after showing that, the camera panned up to the clock, showing a time of 11:26.

Alright, so Oswald was gone by 11:26. So, what time was this when he was still lying on the ground surrounded by cops? I'm going to say 11:23. 

Now, here is something that is big. Recall that I said that Ruby was herded into the building right away, and they said that they hustled him into the elevator right away and took him up to the 3rd floor. So, what's Ruby still doing down there at 11:23, which was 3 minutes after the shooting? Well, you need to listen to the newscaster as Ruby walks by. He's talking about Ruby:

"He is injured. They are taking him back upstairs now. His shirt is ripped open."

Then someone else says:

"That apparently is the man who did the shooting."

Here's the link. Start listening at 26:30.

Did you catch the word "back"? They are taking him back upstairs now. So, they took him upstairs, then they brought him downstairs, and now they're taking him back upstairs, and all by 11:23.

But, why would they need to do that? It was for the camera. They just wanted him filmed, that's all. Why? For the sake of continuity. They were telling a story. This was the bait and switch. This is where they slipped in the real Ruby, who is as gentle as a lamb, and to the point that nobody even notices him as he's led by. But, how could it transition from this, where all these men are struggling with Ruby:

to this, where he's gentle as a lamb, and nobody even notices him, in just 3 minutes?

After a struggle that was as wild and frantic as that one was, and requiring so many men to control Ruby, how could things settle down this fast? How fast did the pendulum swing that here Ruby is just one of the guys again?  

It's all fake. It's all a show. It was a bait and switch, and this was the switch. 

Do you remember in The Sting that when Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman) was through with the mark, Loyle Donegan (Robert Shaw) that it was Johnny Hooker's (Robert Redford) turn to take over and do his bit with Lonnegan?

So, Newman does his bit with Lonnegan at the poker table. That's Robert Shaw with his back to us. 

 And then Robert Redford took over with Lonnegan. That's Robert Shaw on the right. 

So, that's what they did to us at the Oswald shooting. First, we were stung by the Ruby impersonator.

Then, a few minutes later, they marched by the real Jack Ruby.

Who do you think the mark was? Us. 
I remember what Paul Newman's character said to Robert Redford's character before Redford had to go meet Doyle Lonnegan. He said: "You're on, Kid." Hmm. I wonder if someone said that to Jack Ruby . 

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