Sunday, July 17, 2016

This is pitiful. Donald Trump, in introducing his VP pick Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, admitted that during the primary Pence endorsed Ted Cruz, "who is a good guy, by the way." Then he said it again that Cruz is a "good guy." But, what happened to "Lyin Ted"?

If he had just said it once or twice, I wouldn't care. But, it must have been hundreds of times that he referred to Lying Ted. So, how, after all that, could he start referring to him as a good guy?

I understand that he wants Cruz' endorsement. He wants Cruz to tell his supporters to vote for Trump. So, showing a little magnanimity towards the guy I can understand. But, to call him a "good guy" after the way he trashed him? That isn't magnanimous; it is sickeningly patronizing. It's stomach-turning.     

Congratulations, Mr. Trump. You have finally become a politician. You are walking the walk and talking the talk. And if it's practical for you in the future, you'll drop the "Crooked Hillary" moniker too and start saying that she's a good gal. 

Don't you know that some things you can't take back? If you thought you were going to have to take it back, then you shouldn't have said it.  

Oh, and by the way, if Governor Pence urged Indiana voters to vote for Cruz, and they voted for you in a landside, doesn't that mean that Indiana voters don't listen to Pence? And if Indiana voters won't listen to him, why do you think Kansas voters will? 

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