Monday, July 25, 2016

The clothing issue notwithstanding, I think it looks more like Lovelady - but there are about 10,000 other reasons that lead me to believe that Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. Still an interesting video. Thank you.
Ralph Cinque 
The clothing issue is withstanding: Doorman is wearing the exact same outfit as Oswald. And take a look at this comparison, and let's see you say it looks more like Lovelady. And if you believe that Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy, then it means he was not up on the 6th floor. And that means he had to be somewhere else. And if you analyze it cogently, you'll realize that there is no place he could have been except the doorway. You just wagged your lips, Guy, but here I provide an image of Lovelady.
Guy Merritt 
No one ever says this, on YouTube - but I think "you win"........ That sure looks like Oswald - and the clothing matches. And, of course, the clothing matters. I'd had a long day, Ralph - gimme a
Ralph Cinque 
If you see it now, then you are all right by me, Guy. And you're right: no one ever says that on Youtube, that the other guy is right. So, thanks for being so noble and decent. It's breathtaking.

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