Friday, July 15, 2016

Let's talk about this image of Lovelady because some people think that it makes a good match to Doorman. First notice that there are two versions of it.

Which is the real one? It's hard to say. According to the Mary Ferrell Foundation, the one on the left is the real one. But, if so, then who added all the shadow to the one on the right? Notice that his face looks a lot softer and gentler on the right. I don't know for sure, but I suspect the one on the right is the one that was sent to the Warren Commission. This is the image that was taken by the FBI on 2/29/64 precisely to sell the idea that he was Doorman. And that is a very important thing to realize: that it was created as a propaganda image by the FBI to persuade people that Lovelady was Doorman. Observe how his shirt is unbuttoned. That was no accident, and it was no whim of Lovelady's. They undoubtedly ordered him to unbutton it. Why? Because Doorman's shirt is unbuttoned.

I am going with the "soft" version of FBI Lovelady because, frankly, I think, being softer, it makes Lovelady look more like Oswald and like Doorman. It's the better choice. But, it's still not good enough, and there are tell-tale signs that they are not the same man. First, look at the space between the eyebrows and the eyes. Notice that on Lovelady, there is a lot of space; a big gap; but, on Doorman they are much closer together. That's because he has Oswald's eyes. Now compare the shirts. Notice that Lovelady's had vertical stripes, and it had shorts-sleeves. And, he did tell the FBI that he wore that very shirt on 11/22/63, and they put it in writing. Twice. Obviously, it is not the shirt that Doorman is wearing. Now compare the t-shirts. The opening of Lovelady's t-shirt was high and round, while Doorman's was low and vee-ish. They are obviously different t-shirts, and therefore, they had to be different men.  Admittedly, the hairlines look very similar, but that's because the FBI made it that way on Lovelady. Am I saying that it's fake. Yes, I am. Here is another picture of Lovelady taken at around the same time by Mark Lane- illegally. 

Obviously, Billy Lovelady was much balder at the time than he appears in the FBI photo. Who are you going to believe? Mark Lane or the FBI?

And, we even have a witness, Roy Lewis, who said that Lovelady's hair was mostly all gone on top at the time. 

So, it means that there is no real image of Billy Lovelady from the FBI photoshoot. It's all managed, doctored, tricked-up stuff. 

If you are a real Oswald defender, and you know the FBI were among the bad guys, you're not going to trust the bastards. 

But, getting back to the image in question:

the ears are not a good match, at least not compared to Oswald, and neither is the nose. You see the big shadow under Doorman's nostril? What's causing that is the fact that Oswald had large, visible, flared nostrils. Lovelady had small, closed-off nostrils, in comparison, and that is what we are seeing on the right. So, on the right: the outer shirts don't match; the t-shirts don't match; the eyes and eyebrows don't match; the noses don't match; the ears don't match. The chins don't match either, with Lovelady's being longer and more pointed. In contrast, everything about the man and the clothing matches between Oswald and Doorman- except the hairlines. But, I have been saying for a long time that they first doctored Oswald's making it look like Young Lovelady from the 1950s.

You notice how perfect they match. But how was it possible when Lovelady was a rapidly balding young man? Not only do the hairlines match, but so does the style and the length of hair. And that is impossible. They used the image on the left to make the image on the right. And after they did that, they had to do it again to the FBI image of Lovelady. So, even thought the hairlines match pretty well, there was dishonesty and corruption involved.

The photo alterers altered Doorman's hairline, giving him that of Young Lovelady, and that was the one thing they did to Lovelady-ify him. Both of those hairlines above are fake. 

But, when we put aside the issue of the hairlines and look at everything else, we see a spot-on match of the man and the clothing between Oswald and Doorman.

So, in conclusion, the FBI photo of Lovelady is certainly better than the Gorilla Man photo, but it's as fake as a three dollar bill. The FBI made to precisely to bamboozle people. The image of Oswald matches much, much better. 

Besides, how can they claim that that was Lovelady, and also claim that this was Lovelady?

The image on the right of Lovelady was taken just 15 minutes after the shooting in the same place the Doorman was located during the shooting. It is, presumably, a spontaneous, unplanned image So, shouldn't it be used over a fabricated one from three months later? And as you can see, it doesn't match at all. It doesn't match Doorman, and it doesn't match FBI Lovelady.

The images of Lovelady are all steeped in lies, and so is the story of Lovelady, and the claim of Lovelady being Doorman. Everything about Lovelady in connection to this is based on lies, lies, lies. The only valid image of Lovelady from 11/22/63 was taken by Malcolm Couch, and as you can see, Lovelady was wearing the short-sleeved shirt, and therefore could not be Doorman. 

That is Billy Lovelady on 11/22/63. 

I am asking people to be smart and to see through the lies and manipulations of the FBI. Yes, they came up with a Hollywood photo that was designed to sell what they were claiming. But, if you look at it smartly and closely, you realize that it and they fell far short of the mark. There are dealbreakers in it: the outer shirt, the t-shirt, the eyes, and more. If you are a sharp, astute observer, you will know that these are NOT the same guy.

So, in a word: don't fall for FBI bull shit. Don't be swallowing their pap. It's been almost 53 years. Isn't it time to see through it? Isn't it time to chew it up and spit it out? Ptoi! That's what I'm doing. 

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