Saturday, July 16, 2016

I want to address just how bizarre and wacky it is for anyone to deny that this is the same man wearing the same clothes, and that's because the denial of it displays such gross ignorance of genetics, mathematics, probability, and more. 

Basically, your DNA results from the random mixing of the genes of your four grandparents. The whole process is complicated by some genes being "coding" vs. "non-coding" and some being "dominant" while others being "recessive." And there are other complicating factors as well. So, it's complicated. But, when we look at it simply, realizing that each person has 46 chromosomes, including your 4 grandparents, it gives you some idea of the immense number of unique and distinctive individuals that any couple can make. Obviously, no couple can have hundreds of kids, but if they they could, don't worry, no two would look identical. (excepting for identical twins). 

We often speak of someone looking like someone else, and usually it's someone famous. We might say that someone looks like a certain celebrity or movie star. But, it doesn't mean that if they were standing side by side with the famous person that we'd have trouble telling them apart and knowing who was who. When we see these likenesses, what's happening is that our minds are filling in the gaps and making up the differences. They are never that good, and it's because of the mathematics of human genetics. Every individual really is a distinct human being- except for identical twins. 

Lee Harvey Oswald and Billy Lovelady were NOT identical twins, and they did not even look alike. They don't even look like they could be related. It is simply a lie that they bore a striking resemblance to each other.

The idea that they looked alike and would photograph alike is ridiculous. 

So, when you see the striking resemblance between Doorman and Oswald (which includes everything but the hairline and the shape of the top of the head, which were altered on Doorman) you know that they have to be the same man.

There is simply no way that Lovelady who was shorter than Oswald but weighed 40 pounds more than he did, would reproduce the same as Oswald in a photograph.

But so far, we have only talked about the likeness of the man. What about the likeness of the clothes? Are we supposed to believe that Oswald and Lovelady not only looked alike, despite the vast difference in their weights and builds, but they just happened to be dressed precisely the same on 11/22/63?

It's the same outfit: a long-sleeved outer shirt that is unbuttoned and sprawled open over a while t-shirt with a low, sunken collar. That is a very distinctive outfit, and there is no way that both Oswald and Lovelady were dressed like that.

What I'm saying is that you can't have two men looking this much alike and dressing this much alike because it defies the reality of genetics and the reality of clothing. They have got to be the same man because otherwise, it is a very bizarre, freaky, unbelievable occurrence, and I mean mathematically unbelievable.  You would have to multiple the remote "different man odds" with the remote "different clothes odds." So, the chance of it happening would be 1 in whatever that multiplied number is. 

This is 2016, a time of great progress and advancement in science and technology. So, how is it possible that at this advanced time that people can still harbor the childish, uneducated, and extremely obtuse notion that these are different men?

They are not different men. They are the same man wearing the same clothes. And, it is pure denialism to deny it, meaning the willful rejection of reality and common sense. 

Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent because he was standing in the doorway at the time of the murder. That is as certain as any other fact you can name about the physical universe. And, it is very much time for the nonsense of denying it to stop. That's because it's 2016, and nobody can make such a preposterous denial of reality in 2016. This isn't the Dark Ages, and there is no excuse for it. Everyone should know better. 

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