Sunday, July 10, 2016

David Von Pein 

You're right, Ralph. It was, indeed, 5.5 minutes and not 4 minutes. When I
wrote that caption for that photo at my website, I was timing it from my
copy of the KRLD-TV footage, which *is* edited slightly (as Ralph
correctly pointed out), and I failed to take note of the edit. (It was
edited by whoever put it up on the FOX/KDFW site years ago; and that's
where I got it from.)

I've corrected my caption on my site, Ralph. Thanks for pointing it out
too---because I *hate* inaccurate stuff like that on my sites, and I
appreciate it when someone (correctly) points out any errors. 

Ralph Cinque:

Thanks a lot, David. But, since accuracy is vital in this field of endeavor, why round down to 5 minutes, as you have it on your website? If you could put 5.5 in this response, why not put 5.5 on your site? And why not get rid of that edited footage which you describe as "raw"? You can use the other one that I posted. Don't go half-way. Fix it completely. 

Five minutes after he was shot by Jack Ruby, the fatally wounded
Lee Harvey Oswald is put into an ambulance in the basement of
Dallas City Hall at 11:26 AM CST on Sunday, November 24, 1963.

Photo Credit: The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

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