Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Anthony Marsh 

On 7/11/2016 7:26 PM, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> Marsh: the HSCA was just Warren Commission II. Do you grasp what that
> means?
I explained it before you even knew about it. I lived through it.
I was one of the people who got the HSCA. The first committee was
looking for a conspiracy so the cover-up shut it down.
The second committee was formed to rubberstamp the WC.
Then they accidentally stumbled onto the acoustical evidence which they
thought had been destroyed and that forced the conspiracy conclusion. 

Ralph Cinque:

That isn't nearly cynical enough, Marsh. The HSCA didn't stumble across anything. What happened is that they realized that if they COMPLETELY endorsed the Warren Commission that it would look like a whitewash. Therefore, they knew THEY HAD TO THROW THE CONSPIRACY COMMUNITY A BONE. Otherwise, they would have no credibility at all. 

So, they made the ridiculous contention that there was another shooter on the Grassy Knoll who missed. So, that shooter missed a relatively close, easy shot, while Oswald, from an awkward position with an obstructed view, hit two out of three in six seconds with a bolt-action rifle shooting down at a target that was moving away from him- we are supposed to believe. And this other shooter was presumably put up to it by the same people who put Oswald up to it, but it wasn't the CIA, the FBI, or any other agency of the US government or military, nor was it the Russians, the Cubans, or any other foreign power. Therefore, the Mafia did it, and they thought the best person for the job was Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-Marine who did only the minimal amount of shooting required by the Marines and almost flunked his last test. And, he did no shooting after that except to go rabbit-hunting in Russia using a shotgun. He was never in combat and had no sniper experience, yet, they thought he was best qualified to do this. And Oswald supposedly did it as a mercenary- except that he wasn't paid. There was no paper trail of any money being transferred to Oswald for doing this Mafia hit. And I guess their contention was that the Dallas Police and the FBI and all the media and the Warren Commission all got it wrong simply because they did. They just made a mistake. There was no deliberate framing of Oswald- just an honest mistake. But, when the HSCA issued their report, did law enforcement, large and small, federal, state, and local, reopen the investigation and start looking for this mystery shooter? No. Nobody twitched a muscle. Nobody got out of their seat. Not the Attorney General, not the Dallas District Attorney, not the director of the FBI, not the President of the United States, nobody but nobody lifted a finger to act on this. And that's because nobody believed it; nobody took it seriously. Everybody knew it was just for show. The HSCA was a circus. An evil, wicked government circus.  

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