Friday, July 29, 2016

Let's compare the Robert Groden photo of Lovelady to Oswald and Doorman. As in the FBI photo, Lovelady was posing as Doorman.

The first thing to observe is that Lovelady's shirt, in this case, was not just plaid. It was a flashy plaid. Plaid just refers to horizontal and vertical lines crossing forming boxes, and we can see plenty of boxes on Lovelady's shirt. But, in addition to the plaid, there was a lot of contrast in color. It has white lines; black bars; red squares, and also another color square that is hard to define that was framed by the black bars. That is a hell of a lot of flashy contrast. But, if you look at Doorman's shirt, you see some contrast, but no plaid at all; there isn't a single box. And the complex flashiness of Lovelady's shirt is completely missing. There are no corresponding areas that we can circle on each and say they match. The whole idea that the Lovelady's shirt on the left manifested on the right by what we see on Doorman is preposterous. Note that I continue to deny that Lovelady even wore that shirt. I continue to insist that he wore the shirt-sleeved striped one, as he said he did. I also continue to insist that the films in which he was later cited are all completely fake; they are fabrications. But, my point here is that even if Lovelady had really worn that plaid shirt in which he posed for Robert Groden in 1976, that he still could not possibly be Doorman because there is no way Doorman was wearing that shirt. There is no way that James Altgens' camera would have captured Lovelady's shirt that way- the way we see on Doorman. So, that's the first thing. The second thing is to notice the t-shirt. Lovelady, even in posing as Doorman, that time all the times that he did, always wore a high round t-shirt. Doorman is wearing a low vee-shaped t-shirt. It's crudely vee-shaped but definitely not high and round. It's obvious that Lovelady didn't own or wear such a t-shirt. Oswald's got that way from his habit of stretching it. He tugged on it. It was a habit; his habit. 

Number 3: Lovelady's eyes are different, with much more space between the eyes and the eyebrows. The eyes match perfectly between Doorman and Oswald as to space, depth, shape, everything. 

Notice on Oswald that you could literally move his eyes over atop Doorman's, and they would fit perfectly, like the proper piece of a jigsaw puzzle. If you tried it with Lovelady, it would be way off.

Number 4 is the nose. Lovelady had a larger hunk of cartilage at the tip of his nose. There is much better nose correlation between Oswald and Doorman, even though the angles are different. We're seeing the same size nose on the two of them and the same degree of refinement or chiseling.  

Regarding the hair, Lovelady seems plenty bald by 1976, but we have reports, such as from Roy Lewis, that he was already pretty well bald on top in 1963. And the 1964 photo by Mark Lane confirmed it. 

Doorman's hairline doesn't match Oswald's, but that's because they changed it. 

Remember what I said: that everyone in the world who claims to be an Oswald defender must, by necessity, acknowledge photographic alteration in Oswald's pictures, and that's because of the existence of the Backyard photos. Oswald said they were fake. Oswald said that it wasn't him. Oswald said that he posed for no such picture. He also said that he owned no such rifle. So, how can we defend Oswald without supporting him on that? So, if the Backyard photos are fake (and they are) it means that the plotters were faking photographs even before the assassination. So, if they had the mindset to do it before the assassination, how could they not be prepared to do it after the assassination? And that's why no one should doubt that the Altgens photo was altered. Phony claims of a speedy timeline prohibiting alteration are just that: phony. It's just another lie. 

Number 5, the chins, it's definitely a match between Oswald and Doorman. Lovelady's chin was longer and more pointed. We are seeing perfect chin correlation between Oswald and Doorman, where both have a relatively square chin of the same length and width. 

Number 6, the ears, Lovelady's was too flared; it stuck out; it had more pitch, as they say; and it was larger. The ears that match are Oswald's and Doorman's. 

Number 7, the necks, Oswald's and Doorman's match in length, being longer than Lovelady's.   

There's more I could cite but I'll stop. But, I again want to point out the ridiculousness of the situation with the plaid shirt. That flashy, very high contrast, almost kaleidoscopic pattern on Lovelady's shirt is certainly not seen on Doorman's shirt. All he shows is some vague, noisy, unstructured light/dark contrast with absolutely none of the specific design features of Lovelady's shirt. What's causing the contrast on Doorman's shirt? Some of it is haze and distortion due to the gross enlargement of the image, and there is also some light reflection. It was an old shirt with worn, shiny areas which reflected the light when Oswald was standing in bright sunlight, as he was in the doorway. There was also a fine graininess to his shirt which we can see on Doorman. The match to Oswald's shirt is infinitely better than the match to Lovelady's. 

The whole case for Lovelady being Doorman has been a lie, a fabrication from the very beginning on November 22, 1963. And, it has been a huge, never-ending problem for them, the conspirators. They have had to make and remake movies putting Lovelady into them, and even in the 21st century they have done it. You can't overstate how enormous this issue is. That's because if Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting, then he couldn't possibly be up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy.  Oswald in the doorway completely destroys the entire official story of the JFK assassination. And that's why they have been fighting Oswald in the doorway so hard for 53 years. 

And, they are going to go on fighting it, but they are losing ground with each passing day. There is no doubt whatsoever about how this is going to end, and that is, with universal recognition that Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting of President Kennedy. All they can possibly do is kick the can down the road for a little while. They are shoveling sand to stop the tide. 

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