Saturday, July 16, 2016

As I have done before, I just went through the OIC website to make sure that I am comfortable with every claim and every image. And I am. There is nothing that I have any doubt about.

What a powerhouse of evidence it is- showing the massive amount of photographic and film alterations that were made just to cover up Oswald in the doorway.

I tell you, when Oswald stepped out that doorway into the light of day, he opened up a can of worms (I should say locusts) that is still plaguing them after 52 years and counting.

I am absolutely sure that if they could do it over again, the conspirators would place someone at the front door on the inside to keep Oswald from ever going out. Believe me, if they could have read the future, they would have done whatever it took to keep Oswald inside. When you think of all the work, all the Machiavellian plotting that followed, it was a nightmare for them. Oswald really screwed them up badly when he stepped out into that doorway. 

And the thing is: it's never going away; they are never going to be able to overcome it; and it's never going to settle down again either. Oswald in the doorway is the albatross around their puny necks, and it choking the life out of the official story of the JFK assassination.  

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