Saturday, July 30, 2016

So, let's think about this a minute: We know that the the Leviathan State prosecuted Roy Crump for the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, a totally innocent patsy. And, if not for the brilliant lawyering skills of Dovey Roundtree, they would have succeeded. Her victory is one of the greatest and most heroic slap-downs in legal history. When are they going to make the movie about it???? This story is screaming out loud to be shown on the silver screen. 

But, in that case, who was the culprit????? It was the government itself. The government, that is the CIA, which is an agency of the US government, killed Mary Pinchot Meyer, and then they framed the poor hapless Roy Crump. 

And if you read the brilliant Mary's Mosaic by Peter Janney, you know of the irony that one of the cardinal witnesses who testified as an eye-witness against Crump was the actual killer himself, the CIA assassin who actually did it, who killed Mary Pinchot Meyer. His name is William Marshall, and Peter Janney actually confronted him at his home in California.  

And likewise in the JFK case, Oswald was the patsy, the government was "prosecuting" him- in the press; they couldn't dare let him go to trial because his case would have fallen apart faster than the case against Roy Crump. But, who really killed Kennedy? Well, the government. When we talk about the CIA killing Kennedy, we're talking about the US government. And even though Allen Dulles wasn't officially the head of the CIA any more (he was fired by JFK) for all practical purposes he was.  People who were still employed by the CIA, like Angleton, Phillips, Morales, etc., were answering to him, not John McCone, the nominal chief. And hey, it's hardly a stretch to say that McCone was answering to Dulles too. And then, as soon as it was done, Dulles returned to an official government capacity again as a Warren Commissioner. So, it was a parallel situation where Kennedy's real killer (Dulles) was framing the patsy (Oswald) in a legal proceeding. The Warren Commission investigation wasn't a trial, but it was, in effect, a show trial, a Stalinist show trial. 

So, as we look at these cases and compare, it seems highly likely to me that, just as in the Mary Pinchot Meyer case in which the government killed her and then tried to frame Crump, that the government killed Chandra Levy and then framed Ingmar Quandique. And, I hope you know, the case against Quandique stunk out loud from the beginning- as if that guy could have evaded the cops for so long. They just wanted to put the story to bed.

Now, when I say that the US government most likely killed Chandra Levy, I don't know exactly who. Was it a CIA operation? Was it done by Special Ops from the US military? Was it done in cahoots with the Mossad, as some believe? I don't know. But, I do believe that some faction of the US government is responsible for killing her because it was the US government that tried to put the thing to rest with the phony, blatantly bogus prosecution of Ingmar Quandique. So, they had to be involved in that murder, just as they were in the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer,  And remember: they weren't just involved in the murder of MPM; they outright killed her. The CIA outright killed Mary Pinchot Meyer in a planned and executed operation. It was all them. Nobody else. And most likely, they, or someone like them in the US government with a Black Ops mandate killed Chandra Levy.   

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