Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tony R. Elliott Your thoughts?
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Ralph Cinque I think it is a highly altered photo. I just found out today that unlike the famous Beers photo, which was wired out as soon as it was developed, the Jackson photo reportedly wasn't processed until two hours after Oswald was shot. Maybe what they really mean is that they were working on it for two hours.

"Beers immediately returned to the darkroom and processed his
photograph that was instantly sent out on the wire services around the
world. Everyone who witnessed Beer's photograph for the next two
hours stated he would win the Pulitzer Prize. 

"HoweverBut...Also...and Hold On! 

"The City Desk of the Dallas Times Herald ordered Bob Jackson to
remain in the basement of the Dallas Police Department for over an
hour and half therefore his film was not processed until two hours after
Oswald had been shot. 

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