Friday, July 1, 2016

The image on the right is yet another version of Oswald's shirt, this one from National Geographic. On the left is the one color picture we have of the shirt. Of course, they photoshop the living hell out of every image, so who knows if there is anything real about that color. But, if we assume that it is... can see that it's much more subtle than the shirt on the right. It really had just a slight grainy pattern and not anything as contrasted and plaid as we see on the right. And I can enlarge it.

The plaid shirt is an American shirt. Oswald's shirt was not American. It was Russian. He brought it back with him from Russia. They don't want you to dwell on that. Because, if you do, you are sooner or later going to realize that he was wearing it in the doorway.

If Oswald was wearing the shirt below, that's what his arrest shirt would look like. The shirt is on a headless mannequin. If it can lie that way on the mannequin, it would have lied that way on Oswald. But, it didn't. It isn't his shirt. It's just another lie in the sea of lies. It is unmitigated, unrestrained, unchecked lying. Lying with words, lying with images, lying with testimonies- lies, lies, lies! What a disgusting spectacle of lies. 

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