Sunday, July 3, 2016

On the left is the image of Oswald published by the HSCA in 1979. But, they flipped it. It's a left-to-right flip; a mirror image. The real one is on the right. 

So, why'd they flip it? It must be because they thought it made Oswald look more shrewd and cunning and sinister. It's a common practice in political propaganda to look at the flipped image to see if they like it better, and in this case, they did.

Notice also that that they darkened him and increased the shadow behind his head, making it like a black halo to remind us that Oswald was the Devil Incarnate. Another effect of flipping the image was to make him look older, which they also considered good. You can't have some kid killing Kennedy. 

Note that they didn't admit to flipping the image, and the first one to notice it, I believe, was me, myself, and I. So, they didn't have to make any excuses for it since nobody called them on it, but what do the modern-day apologists say? They say that it was an accident, that they put the negative in the tray the wrong way- an easy mistake to make.

Tell me: you've been looking at photographs your whole life, right? Family photos and whatnot? How many of them were accidentally flipped? None, you say? Me neither.

And this was a press photo of Oswald from 1963. It's not as though the HSCA had to develop it.  So, that excuse carries no weight at all. The fact is: they did it on purpose for the reasons that I gave. 

And, it was EVIL. 16 years had passed, and they were still engaged in evil to cover up the truth about the JFK assassination. And it's no different today. The lies, the shenanigans, the sleight-of-hand tricks- they are as eager and willing to do them today as they were then. And really, it is monstrous. We are immersed in a monstrosity of evil.  

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