Saturday, July 23, 2016

On an unrelated matter:

Hello Doctor Cinque.  This is a short message to tell you some things that are going on. 

About two days ago, my director delivered to each of us (day care attendants) specific orders to get vaccinated or else be fired..

Anticipating this, I looked for and found a website that will help me find a job,
either as a baby sitter or mother's helper or attendant to a senior person at home, something with a
family and not too far from where I live. 

The next day I handed in my resignation with this statement:

"I am not willing to be vaccinated when my immune system is working well and protecting me."

Then my director came to me and suggested there could be an exemption for me, if I am willing to go to a certain doctor for an interview. I agreed.

So, we'll see what happens. Life goes on, and I will face whatever challenges lie ahead. 

Thank you for your very kind thoughts and encouragement

Sincerely,    LF

Dear L,  

I think you are doing the right thing. I would NOT submit to vaccination, under any circumstance.  

I don't know how much you are making, but I presume it's a relatively low wage. The idea that you should submit to vaccinations to keep that job is ridiculous. 

L, I honestly and sincerely think that the whole thing is a racket, that vaccinations do NOT work; that they do NO good; none at all; that all they do is harm. I don't even put value on the increased antibody titers.  It doesn't guarantee any benefit, and it isn't a clinical improvement.  They never, ever, test vaccines clinically: meaning, give them to some people and not give them to others and compare health outcomes. Vaccination is a racket; a mass delusion; and you could say, a religion; a medical religion. I would leave this country before I would submit to vaccination. That's how opposed to it I am. 

Well, thanks for letting me know, and please continue to keep me informed. All the best to you, Dr. Cinque 

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