Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is the Trump family listening to Ted Cruz get even. You should have seen it coming, Donald. You're supposed to know about the art of the deal, but you lost on this deal. Did you really think Ted Cruz was going to endorse you? You implied that his father was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald. And, I believe his father WAS involved with Lee Harvey Oswald. But, did you expect Ted to brush it of? You never should have let him speak. Maybe if he put it in writing that he was going to endorse you- but even then, there would have been some risk. Let me guess. I suspect that you never talked to him at all, that his people talked to your people, but you never talked to him. You needed to ask him and tell him: "Are you going to endorse me, Ted? Because if you're not, you're not welcome to speak."

Of course, Cruz could have lied, but again, you're the master of the deal, aren't you? Isn't it like a poker game? Don't you have to read your opponent? If you really thought he was going to endorse you after everything that has happened, then you got bluffed tonight.
I guess you won't be calling him a "good guy" any time soon, as you did a few days ago. 

And, the way I look at it is that he basically endorsed Hillary tonight. Notice that when he urged them to vote their conscience, he didn't qualify it. I didn't hear him denounce Hillary. In a situation like this, the lack of a denouncement is like a tacit endorsement.

One more thing, Donald: my honest advice: stifle Gingrich. He's not doing you any good. 


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