Monday, July 25, 2016

Time for another song. This sweet one is from 1926, and I've known about it for years though I hadn't thought about it until recently. I was watching the 2005 King Kong by Peter Jackson (which is fantastic) and towards the end, Ann Darrow, played by the gorgeous and enchanting Naomi Watts, is back in New York on Broadway (after her harrowing experience on Skull Island) and she is dancing in a musical. This song is the music to which she is dancing. Meanwhile, the shackled Kong is being exhibited in another theater, and all hell is about to break lose, as their paths cross again. But, this is the calm before the storm, and the music is so soothing and comforting and just plain sweet.

Then, I found out that, recently, Paul McCartney recorded this song. He did the vocals, but he had a virtuoso ensemble accompanying him, including Diana Krall on piano, John Clayton on bass, John Pizzarelli on guitar, and conductor Alan Broadbent leading a whole string section. The result is magnificent.

The name of the song is Bye Bye Blackbird by Ray Henderson, with lyrics by Mort Dixon. 

Here is me doing it. I should point out that the arrangement I found for it includes an instrumental interlude that I didn't like. I couldn't wrap my head around it. To me, it just didn't belong; it didn't relate. So, I wrote an instrumental interlude of my own that I think fits better and sounds better. So, when it gets to the middle where I am just playing and not singing, that is all Ralph Cinque.


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