Wednesday, July 13, 2016

There is a new article by William Weston, the author of The Spider's Web: the TSBD and the Dallas Conspiracy.  The new article is entitled: On the Death of JFK: Spider's Web at the Trade Mart. It has been published by Jim Fetzer on his blog, but the article is entirely by William Weston. However, it includes a video to William's appearance on The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer. 

And in this article, William Weston proposes something that I have never heard before or considered, but yet, it makes sense: that there was an alternate ambush spot at which to kill Kennedy in Dallas in case Dealey Plaza didn't work out.

Note that for years, OIC Chairman Larry Rivera and I and others have discussed the likelihood and really the certainty that there were alternate patsies besides Oswald- in case it didn't work out to use Oswald. And it might not have. Consider that Oswald was in the doorway during the motorcade, and undoubtedly they had people there in Dealey Plaza to keep him from venturing into Dealey Plaza. At the very least, they had one, his supervisor Bill Shelley, who was CIA. Now, if Oswald had tried to go further than that doorway, Shelley would have tried to stop him. But wait. There was no guarantee that he could. What if Oswald got belligerent? 

"Hey! You're my boss, but you don't control me during my lunch break. If I want to go down there and watch the motorcade, I can. Now, get out of my fucking way!"

Do you realize that if Oswald had created a major scene at the doorway, it would have ruined everything. And, there, apparently, was a minor one. If you've watched the Wiegman film, you know that Dave Wiegman did a second pass of the doorway after his car had already passed it, and they were heading down Elm. Why did he do that? It's likely that he heard or saw through the corner of his eye, some commotion. That's why he swung around. And when he got there, you don't see a commotion, but you see a whole lot of blurry figures and a very weird Doorman who looks as stiff as a Cigar Store Indian, and the whole second glimpse of the doorway happens so fast that you know they removed frames to speed it up. And by the way: this idea, of some commotion in the doorway, originated not with me, but with ace photo processor Roy Schaeffer. 

So, they had to have alternates for Oswald- in case he didn't work out. One of them, we are virtually certain of, is Billy Lovelady. That's the reason why his TSBD boss paid his fine in January 1963 so that he wouldn't be extradited back to Maryland to go to prison. That's also the reason why, from the beginning, he was referred to by three names: Billy Nolan Lovelady. Why'd they have to do that? To distinguish him from the other Billy Loveladys? No, using three names, like Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, etc. is lone gunman nomenclature- and they were prepared just in case Lovelady, the stand-in, was needed. And, it makes it all the more ironic that he should be used in a different capacity: to presume the role of the Man in the Doorway, replacing Oswald, a role that was almost as important. 

But, what William Weston offers us here is a cogent argument that their insurance policy covered much more than one or more alternate patsies for Dealey Plaza; it included an alternative to Dealey Plaza. What if something happened that the route was changed? What if the whole idea of an open waving motorcade was discarded at the last minute due to weather or other exigency? The alternate site, according to William Weston, was at a railroad crossing in which the limo would have had to slow down to a crawl or a virtual stop. This railroad crossing was close to the Trade Mart on Harry Hines Blvd, and there was another school book depository building there- a brand new one. 

I'll let William Weston tell the rest, but I found it to be a very cogent argument, and it heightens my realization that William Weston is one of the most important living researchers of the JFK assassination in the world today.  


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