Friday, July 1, 2016


Ralph, your problem is every time you see something that confuses you, you
assume it is evidence of something sinister. Unfortunately you seem to get
confused rather easily. 

Ralph Cinque:

No, Corbett. You're the one who is confused. And if you confuse "write" with "right" that's about as confused as you can get. 

I'll try to dumb this down for you, and you try to follow. Use all your brain cells: both of them. 

"Ruby" (who wasn't really Jack Ruby but an impersonator) shot Oswald from the side, where the bullet traveled from left to right across his upper abdomen and through his ribcage, according to Parkland surgeons. 

At first, Oswald cringed, and started falling forward. But then, after pictures of that were taken, something made him go backwards, and he even went up on his toes. Then, he fell straight down and disappeared from view. Later, we briefly see him lying on the ground unconscious next to Leavelle. 

Meanwhile, the "Ruby" figure, after shooting Oswald from the side, bolted in front of him, which resulted in the picture that Jackson took. And then, he dove into the circle of men, and they piled on top of him. Then, without stopping to cuff him, they herded him into the building. There was little that we could see. The images are mostly pandemonium and frenzy and lots of curtain shots in which we can't see anything but someone's back. But, the message was that, in the wildest way imaginable, he was herded into the building. Again, we can't actually see it, and we can only imagine how they did it. Did someone get him in a head-lock and drag him? Or did two men take each of his arms and drag him? How did they do it? And was he resisting and fighting the whole time? But, the key word here is: force. They had to use force to get him into the building. 

Now, at that point, "Ruby" is being wrestled away at high speed by that pack of cops. Leavelle is left behind because he is cuffed to Oswald, but notice that his focus is still on Ruby. He has got his head and his body turned towards Ruby. So, he hasn't even started looking at Oswald yet, which is pretty amazing when you consider that Oswald is the one who got shot. We have to assume that all those men who are stampeding Ruby are going to get him into the building before Leavelle gets Oswald into the building because at this point, he hasn't even looked at Oswald, nor has he decided what to do with him. We have to assume from what we see that Ruby is going to be taken inside before Oswald is. 

Now, we don't actually see Oswald again until he is wheeled out on a stretcher by the ambulance attendants who have come for him. However, there are frames of police inside the building hovering around Oswald who, by implication, is lying there on the ground. There is no other way to interpret the story because who else could be lying on the ground? But then suddenly, Ruby is led by- as if he is just being brought in from outside. 

Remember the frenzy? How could it suddenly end just because they are inside? That is right by the door. And Ruby had to be brought in before Oswald was. So, how could Ruby still be there at this time, close to the door, and looking like he is being led in? It's out of time. It is out of sequence. And it is also out of character with what we saw in the garage. It was pandemonium. I realize that pandemoniums do end, but they don't end that quickly. It's not as though as soon as the frenzed mob with Ruby in the center got inside someone yelled, "Cut" and everyone relaxed. 

You remember how it was, right? 

So how could it get this calm this fast on the other side of the door?

It does not follow. It does not add up. It does not make sense. And, I am not the one who is confused. 

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