Monday, July 4, 2016

Anthony Marsh 

Re: How could Ruby still be there when Oswald was lying on the floor

> I'll try to dumb this down for you, and you try to follow. Use all your 
> brain cells: both of them. 

> "Ruby" (who wasn't really Jack Ruby but an impersonator) shot Oswald from 
> the side, where the bullet traveled from left to right across his upper 
> abdomen and through his ribcage, according to Parkland surgeons. 

You think everyone was an imposter. I think YOU are an imposter.
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Ralph Cinque:

The shooter was not Jack Ruby, Marsh, but, I never expected you to be smart enough to see it. 

It is something that I thought about for quite a while before declaring, and now I am 100% sure, and it's because there are multiple confirmations.

1. There are no views of the shooter which provide enough visual information to establish that he is Ruby.  

2. What visual information we have conflicts with Ruby- when you look closely.  

3. You say he's wearing a Fedora hat like Ruby? First, that doesn't make him Ruby, and second, there are no other images in which Ruby wore a Fedora hat. The purpose of the Fedora hat- which was pushed down low on his head- was to cover up his face, so that we can't see it. It's part of his disguise, and very effective, I might add.

4. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby dives into the circle of cops, and they herd him into the building without stopping to cuff him- which has never been done before or since in all of police history. Why would police behave like that? They don't take violent people anywhere until they get them completely under control. They don't struggle with a belligerent person while moving him. They get control of him first- by cuffing him. They didn't cuff Ruby because then we would have seen him. 

5. The whole frenzy/pandemonium scene was just to show us frenzy and pandemonium- without showing us anything else. We don't see what happened to Oswald or to Ruby. Both just disappear. It's like they were absorbed into the woodwork. That's OK with you, isn't it, Marsh? Of course, it is. 

6. But, after a leviathan struggle that took a dozen men to restrain him, just scant minutes later, there's Ruby- as docile as a lamb.

It seems a bit quick to get to that, doesn't it? 

7. And, when you add all that to the fact that what little we see of the shooter doesn't match to Ruby:

that cinches it; he wasn't Ruby. 

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