Thursday, July 14, 2016

I received this very nice thank you from William Weston. Bill has ventured into areas that others have ignored. Exposing the truth about the Texas School Book Depository, its true nature as a business, is vitally important to understanding the JFK assassination. The book business was just its cover. It was a CIA front company. You can't tell me that all those offices and conference rooms and company positions were to support a few "order-fillers" wading through stacks. Bill Shelley was head of the "Miscellaneous department." What does that tell you?   

I very much like your introduction. I totally agree that Oswald did not fire any shots, that he did not own a rifle or a pistol, that he was not violent, that he never beat his wife as some claimed, and that he was totally set up. Thank you for putting my article on your very informative blog. It is an honor I very much appreciate. I will  pass your link along to my friends.
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