Thursday, July 7, 2016

Here is an interesting comment from Robert Glenn, a senior member of the OIC. Robert provides a very plausible reason why Marie Tippit may have lied in saying that her husband JD Tippit went home for lunch on 11/22. If you believe, as I do, that Tippit was in on it, it seems very unlikely that he would do that. I pointed out the similarity of Marie Tippit and Marina Oswald. 

Robert Glenn Insofar as Marie Tippit claiming JD came home for lunch is another one of those testimonials that could be nothing more than Ruth Paine-type bullshit. Marie was in the process of divorcing JD given his chronic infidelity (Johnnie Maxie Whitherspoon his latest fling) and the fact she score six figure bucks following his death, courtesy of a naive herd of bleeding heart dolts. Consequently, she would have said anything in order to appease the coverup.

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