Saturday, July 30, 2016

Using Image Editing software, I converted Robert Groden's image of Lovelady into black and white and also did other things to soften the image. The goal was to approximate what James Altgens would have captured if he had been shooting Lovelady wearing that shirt. The result was this:

As you can see the plaid of Lovelady's shirt still came through. We see the white lines. We see the boxes. And Doorman's shirt looks nothing like it. If you look on the upper left, you see that that side of Doorman's shirt shows no contrast at all; it is completely dark and bland and uniform. So, how could it possibly be a plaid shirt?

So, they went to a hell of a lot of trouble placing phony Lovelady figures into films in order to sell the idea that he wore a plaid shirt that day, BUT, IT DOESN'T MATTER in the least because Doorman isn't wearing a plaid shirt. Doorman isn't wearing a plaid shirt. Doorman isn't wearing a plaid shirt. Doorman is wearing a finely grained tweed shirt which was reflecting sunlight, the way Oswald's shirt did. 

The magnitude of this fraud and the utter failure of it is patently obvious. It is an outrage that they tried such a thing and expected to get away with it. The very people who did this, who went into the movie business to create phony Loveladys to display, were and are killers. They are killers of John Kennedy; killers of Lee Oswald; killers of JD Tippit; and killers of plenty more, countless more. There is a reckoning coming, and every leader since then, and every leader today who supports the official story of the JFK assassination is GUILTY. 

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