Monday, July 18, 2016

Saturday was the 17th anniversary of the death of JFK. Jr. It was ignored by the mainstream media even more than I expected. If there is anyone who hasn't seen the video on this by John Hankey, you really should. Most of the things he says are ironclad. For instance, Petty Officer Todd Burgun reported on the local news that JFK Jr. contacted the Air Traffic Control Tower at Martha's Vineyard at 9:39 pm. After that, Burgun's report disappeared; it just vanished. It was as though he never said it. And they disappeared Burgun too. Not that they killed him, but he was relieved of his station, transferred, and he got lost in the woodwork. And, he became totally inaccessible to all prying investigators.
That ATC contact definitely would have pinpointed JFK's position, and his plane crashed just a minute or so later. So, they would have known exactly where he went down. There would have been no delay in getting to him. There would have been no need to waste 15 hours searching hundreds of square miles of open ocean.
JFK Jr. made a phone call just before taking off from New Jersey. Who did he talk to, and what about? The record of the call exists. So, why don't we know anything about it?
Most of the things John Hankey says on the video are indisputable facts. But, he also proposes something huge: that there was a flight instructor on the plane. He doesn't claim to be able to prove it, per se, but, John builds such a solid case for it, based on multiple and overlapping circumstantial evidence, that I am thoroughly convinced.
This video of John Hankey is a masterpiece.

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