Monday, October 17, 2016

A low-life jerk from McAdams' forum tried to attack my portfolio of Bookhout images. I won't tell you his name, except that it was B. Pete. 

Now, my portfolio contains 13 images, and he attacked exactly 1. That is a tacit admission that he can find no fault with the other 12.

So, if he was right about the 1 (and he's not) I could just reduce the portfolio to 12 and still be over the finish line. It would be more than enough. 

But, he isn't right about the 1. There is nothing wrong with the 1.

But, just for good measure, I went ahead and bolstered it.

At first glance, one gets the impression that the shooter was shorter and fatter and had a shorter, more cramped neck than Ruby on the left. But, I have detailed the fact that Ruby had scruffy hair growth on the back of his neck, while the shooter was razored clean. Ruby's ear was larger and longer. I noted the fact that Ruby had a huge margin between his hair and his ear, whereas the the shooter had hair snug to his ear. There is no doubt that they are different men.

What I like about this whole process is that my enemies spur me to do more, to bolster my claims and my arguments. They spur me to bump it up a notch- and I do. So, vicious and nasty as they are, they do serve a purpose.  They are sometimes a springboard to enhanced content- for me. It's happened before; it's happened; and undoubtedly, it will happen again. 

The portfolio is solid. Without any narrative at all (except for what is written on the pictures) it makes the case for Bookhout being the shooter.

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