Monday, October 17, 2016

I know the difference between something that seems appealing but isn't known for certain and something that is known for certain. At times I have suggested things as speculations, recognizing that it isn't iron-clad. But, this Bookhout thing is iron-clad. He WAS the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald, and he was the man posing as Ruby in this photo.

I am as certain of it as I am certain that Oswald was the man in the doorway.

And that is to say that I am 100% certain of it. Make that 1000% certain of it. 

What should happen next, if things were to go smashingly, is that Jim Leavelle needs to be sat down, in all his old curmudgeonness, and made to answer some questions. He needs to talk. He needs to tell the truth. 

We've heard the story he's been spewing for 53 years. Now, he needs to start telling the truth. And if he does, I can probably get Backes to spring for a permanent site for him. But, I won't be chipping in. 

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