Thursday, October 6, 2016

Anthony Marsh 

- show quoted text -
You're not trying hard enough, slacker. If you worked a little harder
you could make that photo even fuzzier.
Try converting that JPG into a GIF and then highly compressing it.
That's what we used to do over on CompuServe when GIF was just being
invented. We'd start with a bitmap and see who could compress it until
you couldn't figure out that it is. 

Ralph Cinque:

Marsh, it's NOT my photo. I didn't make it fuzzy. It occurs that way in the footage. Has it not occurred to you that maybe THEY made it fuzzy, precisely to obscure the view? 

But, even with the fuzziness, it conveys information, and that guy is definitely not Jack Ruby.

If you can see that he's not Jimmy Carter, then you can see that he's not Jack Ruby. 

Here's the film, Marsh. See if you can make it less fuzzy. Start at 6 minutes and 30 seconds. You know very well from the narration that he is supposed to be Ruby.

This is the witching hour, Marsh. This is where all the fuzziness goes away- from you. By that I mean, this is where you can no longer hide behind the fuzziness of your own mind. 

That guy is supposed to be Jack Ruby. I'll say it again, Marsh: THAT GUY IS SUPPOSED TO BE JACK RUBY. But, despite him being fuzzy, he is definitely not Jack Ruby, and anyone can see that. And, if all you can do is issue complaints about the fuzziness, as if I made it that way, then you are exposing yourself, Marsh. You are exposing your soul. 


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