Thursday, October 6, 2016

This just in from Staffan Westerberg:

Hello, Ralph!
Great work on Ruby-GS! 
Take a look at the pic that I have sent.
The GS (Garage Shooter) seem to be heavier than the man allegedly named Jack Ruby by the MSM to the right. The man on the right seems to be taller and thinner than the GS. Note the hairline in the right hand mans neck, it has a point in the middle, which the GS doesn’t seem to have. You have done excellent work (as always) Ralph. Staffan

At Staffan's urging, I have blown up the rear hairlines so that we can compare:

They are different. They are very different. To anyone who is fighting this, I say: STOP IT! Stop it now. You are shedding blood. You are shedding the blood of Kennedy, Oswald, Tippit, and more. Enough! 

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