Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Backes: "Oswald did not say he took a cab, or a bus. Documents purporting to be recording statements by Oswald say that."

Wow. The conspiracy to frame Oswald for riding the bus and cab must have been as big as the assassination conspiracy, considering all the people who said that Oswald said it. I presume that what Backes means by a "document purporting to be a recording statement by Oswald" is this:

Notice on the left, it says "home by bus changed britches".

According to Backes, Will Fritz deliberately wrote a bold-faced lie when he wrote that. Except: that these were notes that Fritz took only for himself, which he never showed to anyone, and which he denied having. He denied that they existed. 

So, why would he do that? They weren't discovered until 12 years after Fritz died, and he had nothing to do with their release.

Here's a thought: he wrote it down because Oswald really said it. 


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