Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Here is Oswald being loaded into the ambulance. He's got his arm over his chest, protectively. But, how did it get there? He couldn't have put it there. He was unconscious. His aorta and vena cava were burst. He'd lost his blood. So, did somebody position his arm like that?

Notice  that he's in the exact same clothes, the black sweater. And there is nothing over him. There was definitely nothing over him. 

Now, here he is being unloaded at Parkland, being removed from the ambulance. But, now he's got a blanket or something over him.

Where did that come from, and how did it get on him? Here's another view of it. Notice that they didn't cover his legs. If they had covered him trying to keep him warm, they would have covered his legs as well.

That is definitely not his sweater. That is a cover of some kind. What exactly it is, I don't know, but it definitely wasn't on him when they loaded him into the ambulance. So, how did it get on him on the short drive to the hospital? You had the driver and another attendant in the front seat. You can't tell me they put it on him. And in back with Oswald was Leavelle and another detective. Did they put it on him? But where did they get it? And if they had the idea of covering Oswald, why didn't they cover him at the police station while he was lying on the cold floor? Why would they get the idea of covering him now? Oswald was slid into the back of the ambulance on the stretcher, and then Leavelle and the other guy hopped in on each side. Where does that leave room for a blanket? 

Oswald was definitely uncovered when he was put into the ambulance. But, he came out of the ambulance covered with something. Explain that. Somehow, Oswald got covered in transit, and I don't like it. 

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