Sunday, October 16, 2016

Backes, you missed the point. And his name is Nat Pinkston, not Nat Pinskton, you dumb pluck.

The point is not whether Nat could have been at the P.D. at that hour. The point is whether he attended any of the Oswald interrogations. And he did not.

But, that's what the half-pint is doing. We see him turn into the Homicide bureau to begin the 6:30 PM interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

That's what that guy is doing: he is going to attend an Oswald interrogation, something that Nat Pinkston NEVER did. That's the group the little guy was part of, and Nat Pinkston was most definitely NOT part of that group. He NEVER attended an Oswald interrogation. 

Now, do you get the point???????

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