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Bookhout gave a detailed account of that Saturday, 6:30 PM interview. Note that the Idiot Backes thinks Bookhout was lying through his teeth when he said that Oswald said that he rode the bus and then the cab:

Mr. STERN - Now, approximately when did the next interview occur? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - The interview at about 6:30 p.m., on November 23, 1963. 
Mr. STERN - How long did this interview last? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Not over an hour. 
Mr. STERN - Who conducted this interview? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Captain Fritz. 
Mr. STERN - Did you ask any questions, that you recall? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - I don't recall asking any specific questions during this interview. 
Mr. STERN - It was at this interview, was it not, that Oswald was shown photographs of himself holding a rifle and wearing a pistol in a holster? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - That's correct. 
Mr. STERN - What was his comment about the photograph? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - His comment, as I recall, he was asked if this was his Photograph, and his comment was that the head of the photograph was his, but that it could have been superimposed over the body of someone else. He Pointed out that he had been apparently photographed by news media numerous times in proceeding from the homicide and robbery bureau to the lineup and back, and that is how they probably got the photograph of his face, and he went into a long discussion of how much he knew about photography, and knew that this--his face could be superimposed over somebody else's body holding the gun and pistol and so forth. 
Mr. STERN - Now, was his appearance and demeanor at this interview---- 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - No different than it was during the previous interviews. 
Mr. STERN - Did he have any comment at this interview about counsel? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - None other than at the outset of being first asked if that was his photograph, he first made the statement that he wouldn't make any comment about it without the advice of counsel, but then subsequently is when he went into the story about his face had been superimposed over somebody else's body. 
Mr. STERN - Did he complain in the course of this interview about the way in which the lineup had been conducted? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - This is the interview in which he--a previously mentioned comment here was made to the effect that he had not been granted a request to put on a jacket similar to those worn by some of the other individuals in some previous lineups. 
Mr. STERN - In each of these interviews was he generally taken through the same questions or similar questions, or were the interviews addressed to different areas? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - More or less, they had been to a specific area. For instance, in this last interview we are talking about, that was more or less confined to this photograph. 
Mr. STERN - Yes. Did he ever complain that, "We have been over that ground before," or make any such statement? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - No; I don't recall anything along that line, but I can recall one subject matter probably in the first interview where he talked about his method of transportation after leaving the Texas Book Depository, having gotten on a bus, and then that subject was taken up again, as I recall, in the second interview, expressed the same answer at that time, and then subsequently to that interview he backed up and said that it wasn't actually true as to how he got home. That he had taken a bus, and due to the traffic jam he had left the bus and got a taxicab, by which means he actually arrived at his residence. 
Mr. STERN - Had he been confronted by the driver of the taxicab, or been told that they had located the driver of the taxicab before he changed his story, or did he volunteer the story of the taxi? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - I don't recall specifically whether he was confronted with that or not. 

I have been trying to take a tally of Oswald's interviews, and I am not getting as many hours of interrogation that are usually reported.

I have the following:

Friday, 3:15 to 4:00 PM

Saturday: 10:30 to 11:30 AM

Saturday: 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Sunday: 10 to 11 AM

Was Oswald interviewed on Friday evening? It's possible that he was, but Fritz made no notes about it, and Bookhout did not attend it.  However, the 4th page of the Fritz Notes describes an interview that went undated, and Bookhout attended that interview, and we know that because Fritz recorded that B.O. asked Oswald a question about his Hidell Selective Service card. I suspect that that interview occurred in the mid-afternoon on Saturday. 

So, let's consider how many interviews of Oswald Bookhout attended:

Friday afternoon- check
Saturday morning-check
Saturday afternoon-check
Saturday evening- check
Sunday morning-check

Note that I include Sunday morning because Bookhout said he was there and watched it through a glass partition. I don't believe him. I think he was in there. I think Bookhout was the "et al" that Fritz referred to in his final note. So, Bookhout attended every interview that we know of. If there was also an interview on Friday evening, Bookhout missed that one, but that is the only one he could have missed.

So, I have Bookhout attending all of the Oswald interviews or possibly all but one. 

Are you starting to get the idea now about how omnipresent Bookhout was in Oswald's post-arrest world? I bet you that Oswald had more contact with Bookhout, in total, than he did with Fritz because Bookhout followed him around between interviews whereas Fritz turned him over to others. In terms of total minutes spent with Oswald, Bookhout had the most of anybody. 

And when Oswald made eye contact with Bookhout in the garage on Sunday prior to the shooting, he knew exactly who he was looking at.

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