Friday, October 21, 2016

David Von Pein 

Oct 20 (19 hours ago)

Ralph thinks the NBC footage shows Ruby wearing sunglasses in the
basement. Hilarious. 

Ralph Cinque:

Then, what is it? It's a black disc around his eye, and there's a bridge over his nose. What is it? If you think it's a shadow, what is the object casting the shadow? 

And you've got some nerve. You mock me, and you don't even say what it is. Well, cut me in on it. It's not sunglasses because it's obviously xxx? OK, then what's the xxx? I can take a joke. I can laugh as well as the next guy. So, tell me what that black disc is. What is the explanation for what we see? 

And, David Von Pein isn't the first to do this. There are others who mock the idea of sunglasses, yet, they don't say what it is either. So, what in tarnation is it? And, if you are going to try to say that it's a shadow, the laughter is going to stop. DON'T try to say that it's a shadow. Just don't. 

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