Friday, October 21, 2016

That is Bookhout. James W. Bookhout. And they were going to move Heaven and Earth to hide that fact. Why? Because if word got out that Bookhout was that short, then the parallel to the short short Garage Shooter would be obvious.

So, they altered this cadet photo, and in ways more devious than anyone ever imagined- until now. 

And I don't mind using the word "imagine," and I don't mean it in the sense that I am imagining things. I mean it in the sense of opening one's mind to possibilities that are beyond everyday experience and expectations. Another way I could put it is the way Kevin Costner did in JFK the movie. "We are through the Looking Glass, people." Let's hone in:

 OK, so we are going to look at Bookhout, but before we do, let's look at the guy next to him, to his left, so our right. Skip the guy who is a row up. Now, as we look at this other guy, I want you to look at his ears. Notice our shriveled his right ear looks. Note first that ears tend to be VERY symmetrical in people. EXTREMELY symmetrical. Note also that in this case, we are seeing more of the right side of his face. Look how the right side of his neck (on our left) is in view, but the left side is not. So, we have a greater perspective and a better view of the side with the shriveled ear. So, why does that ear look so small and shriveled and so completely out of sync with the other ear? It's because "they" did it. And the reason they did it is because they wanted to ease into acceptance, make easy to swallow, what they did to Bookhout's left ear. So, let's look at that now. You notice that it looks half missing. And no, it's not because he has his head turned; he doesn't. It's because "they" took out half his ear. Why? Because they didn't want us comparing it to other images of Bookhout. So, we are less likely to be put off by that with the other distorted ear in the picture. 

Now, the other thing they did was mess with his nose. Bookhout had a very narrow nose and pinched nostrils. They had to get rid of that on the short, fat guy. 

Compare the width of the left side of his nose (on our right) with the right side of his nose (on our left). His left side is a lot wider. And no, it is not due to the angle of the picture because we are looking at him straight-on. He does not have his head turned, and the camera is right in front of him. The two sides of his nose should look symmetrical. Now, it's true that noses can be asymmetrical, but not as asymmetrical as that. That's beyond the pale. That is an altered image. They plopped more nose on him to hide the fact that he is James Bookhout, short James Bookhout. 

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