Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eureka! I caught Lyin' Harry Holmes in his web of lies!

Postal Inspector Harry Holmes claimed that Oswald sang like a canary about his trip to Mexico City in his final interview, after having denied having gone there in his first interview. But read this from James Bookhout's testimony:

Mr. STERN - Did you see Oswald again anytime after that?
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Yes; on the morning of November 24, 1963, I observed him in interview with Captain Fritz and numerous other officers in the homicide and robbery bureau. Captain Fritz---I did not participate in this interview. It had already started before I arrived.
Mr. STERN - Did you notice anything unusual about his appearance? 
Mr. STERN - Did you see Oswald again? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - I stayed there in the office of the homicide and robbery bureau. When I refer to "office," I mean the overall office, and inside of that office is a private office of Captain Fritz. The interview was being conducted in the private office. There is a glass partition or glass-well, say glass partition on one side of the office that you can see what is going on inside there. I took a seat adjacent to this glass area in the office proper of the homicide and robbery bureau, and watched Oswald during the interview that was going on. About--well, I don't know what time specifically, it was after 11 o'clock, as I recall, the interview terminated. I asked Captain Fritz if he had--if Oswald made any admissions, and he stated that he had not made any. Shortly thereafter he was taken out of the homicide and robbery bureau. I remained in the homicide office. 

RC: Don't you think that if Oswald had reversed himself on Mexico City that Fritz would have said so? "Yeah, he finally admitted that he went to Mexico City." Something to that effect. It is obvious from this that Harry Holmes was a lying sack of shit.  


Mr. STERN - Did you see him again? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Next time I saw him was after a report came out over the intercom system for any homicide and robbery officers to report to the city hall basement. I proceeded to the basement after learning from Lieutenant Baker in the homicide and robbery bureau, who had made a telephone call to the dispatcher to inquire what was going on, that Oswald had been shot.
When I arrived in the basement I asked where was Oswald, and they said that he was in the jail office. I asked who had shot him, and I was told an individual by the name of Jack Ruby. I asked where he was. They said, they have already taken him up to the jail. 
Mr. STERN - Fine. 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Just shortly thereafter the ambulance came, and I observed them roll Oswald out of the jail office on the stretcher and that is the last---- 

RC: And then Stern cut him off and changed the subject. But, it's obvious from the above that Bookhout was about to say that that was the last time he saw Oswald. So, Bookhout did NOT go to the hospital. Isn't that strange, considering that he was following the guy around for two days? But, we know why he didn't go. It's because he shot him. 

Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City. He said he didn't go. He never reversed himself. And as I said, Harry Holmes was a lying sack of shit. 

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