Saturday, October 8, 2016

James Hosty was an FBI agent, and so was James Bookhout. Both attended the first interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

But after that, Hosty wasn't so omnipresent. It was Bookhout who stuck around- not Hosty. It was Bookhout who attended about half of Oswald's interrogations. The only person who attended more of them was Will Fritz himself. 

And, Bookhout admitted that he followed Oswald like glue, that for 48 hours, he practically lived at the Dallas PD. 

So, how come we wound up with exactly zero recognized images of James Bookhout? 

And what about the after the assassination? It was Hosty who remained in the spotlight, not Bookhout. It was Hosty who did interviews, who wrote a book, who participated in the mock trial, etc. And that resulted in tons of picture of James Hosty.

But, try searching for images of James Bookhout, and see what you get. What you get are the incorrect photos that ROKC posted of him, the incorrect image that Linda Zambanini posted of him, and you get the photos of him when he was young with the flamboyant eyebrows which are assuredly fake. And that's it. Nothing else. 

why? Why? WHY? Because James Bookhout was the shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald; that's why. He didn't go to the hospital with him, but he shot him. 

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