Wednesday, October 5, 2016

For the 50th JFK anniversary, the Boston Globe published an article with iconic images from the assassination, including many that were clearly altered. It included the famous Jackson photo of "Ruby" shooting Oswald, which is a monstrosity. It is as phony as a $3 bill. 

So, I decided to do something that I have been meaning to do for some time. I have known for a long time that the image of Jim Leavelle's left arm in the Jackson photo is fake. That's because, in the photo, his left arm appears to be jointed right in the middle of his upper arm. But, it's just one long bone, so it can't possibly be jointed. 

Here it is alongside a man whose arm is in nearly the same position. Look at the other man first. Notice that his upper arm makes just one continuous line. It has to because it's just one long bone.

But, on Leavelle, his arm starts coming down at his shoulder, but then, it goes off into a new line. I'll mark each of them.  

Do you see that crease there? I'm saying that that's impossible, and we don't see it on the other man. It's impossible because it's just one long bone. I'll enlarge it for you.

Do you see that weird overlap there? I'm telling you it's impossible. And that's because it's one long continuous bone. The piece below, the entire thing, with the forearm going over to Oswald, and his hand in Oswald's pants, that is an artifact. It is fake. It didn't happen. Of course, he wasn't walking along with his hand in Oswald's pants. 

So, why did they do that? It was all about covering up the scene, so that we can't see anything remotely related to the trauma, the violence. That's because, in all probability, there was no trauma or violence- yet. 

Now, if anyone disagrees with that, then show me one other photo from the entire history of photography in which the line of someone's arm shows a break like this:

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