Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You need to realize something about the Pulitzer Prize winning Bob Jackson photo of "Ruby" shooting Oswald: according to experts it was taken just .3 second after the shot. .3 second. That is less than one-third of one second. Count it out. How fast is that? 

But, in the photo, "Ruby" is not where he was when he shot Oswald. Oswald was shot from left to right. The bullet entered his left rib cage at the level of the 7th rib, and it traveled across his upper abdomen, left to right, wreking terrible havoc, bursting the largest artery and the largest vein in his body, before settling beneath the skin over his rib cage on his right side. So, how could "Ruby" have been in front of Oswald when he fired, as we see in the Jackson photo?

You see "Ruby" still pointing his gun at Oswald after the shot, but he simply could not have fired as it appears there because the bullet course through Oswald's body would have been very different. So, did "Ruby" relocate himself that fast? In just .3 second? And, he did it while continuing to aim the gun?  

And look what Oswald is doing. He had been catastrophically shot to where the two largest vascular channels in his body have been blown to smithereens, yet, after experiencing that, he flexed his left arm, bringing it up to his chest, against the resistance of LC Graves who was holding his arm? And he thrust out his right hand against the resistance of Jim Leavelle who was handcuffed to him? And he did all that in just .3 second? 

But, why would he do it? He was shot in the left rib cage at the costochondral junction of the 7th rib. So, why would he slap his whole arm down across his chest, with his hand going to the other side of his chest?

What you need to realize about this photo is that it was designed to show you a man who had been mortally shot but to rationalize the fact that there are no visible signs of trauma- not to Oswald and not to his clothing. There is no visible disruption of anything; of any kind.

So, you see, arms are going places to cover up the areas that would otherwise be expected to evince the evidence of trauma. And that includes Oswald's two arms and Leavelle's left arm.

I am telling you that Leavelle's left arm which is going over and invading Oswald's pants is FAKE. That was added to the photo. And the way that you can tell is that THE LINE OF HIS UPPER ARM IS BROKEN.

That break in the line of the arm is impossible because it's all one bone. One long bone. So we would expect the line of his arm to be continuous and unbroken. But, that line is broken, and it's because they added the lower piece to the photo. And there isn't another photo like that in the entire history of photography. I found a photo of a man whose position and camera angle are similar, and the line of his arm is continuous and unbroken.

On the right, there is no weird overlap of his arm, as we see on the left. That break in the line; that is fake; it is phony; it is fraud. And look how waxen Leavelle's left hand looks compared to the normal looking right hand on our left.

The famous Bob Jackson photo is grotesquely altered. It is a monstrosity. 

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