Monday, October 3, 2016

If the Garage Shooter was NOT Jack Ruby, then it means that the Dallas Police were in on the ruse because they covered for him. They not only covered for him; they even covered him; physically covered him up.

Were Leavelle and Graves in on it? Well, Leavelle told that very non-credible story about joking with Oswald and calling him by his first name. "Well, Lee, I just hope that if somebody shoots you that he's as good a shot as you are." Haw, haw, haw. 

Who says that at a time like that? Within 48 hours, two men had been killed. Both were the fathers of young children, now fatherless. One was the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. The other was a police officer and probably someone that Leavelle knew. So, why would he joke around and act palsy-walsy with his murderer? 

It's sick. It's twisted. It's demented. Yet, Leavelle keeps telling the story, even up to the present time, and he keeps generating laughs. What is wrong with people that they laugh at that? Again: Two men had just been killed, both fathers of young children. 

Then, there were Leavelle's lies about having spotted Ruby in advance and having tried to take evasive action, to jerk Oswald behind him. The films prove that Leavelle did no such thing. He did not begin to react to Ruby until after the shot went off. 

And what about Graves? He was on Ruby's side. Ruby had to pass directly in front of Graves to get to Oswald. So, how could Graves not see him? Yet, Graves, like Leavelle, did not begin to react to Ruby until after the shot was fired. Graves did not look at Ruby until after the shot was fired. A man steps right in front of him, crosses in front of him, and he doesn't see him. 

Here's another curious thing about Graves. He was interviewed the day it happened, that very afternoon, and he was specifically asked if anybody screamed. He thought for a moment, and then cagily, it seemed to me, he said, "I didn't hear any screams at that time." Well, you can hear Oswald's screams most loudly in the WFAA film which was taken from behind. Start at the 25 minute mark.

But, even in the famous NBC footage, you can hear Oswald's screams, in separate utterances. It occurs right at the beginning. 

So, what should we make of that? Did the sounds not register to Graves? Or did he hear them and then forget? And why did Graves seem hesitant, like it was a trick question?

I don't know the answer. I can only suggest possibilities. But, one possibility that occurs to me is that there were no screams, and the screams were added to the footage later. And yes, I know the NBC footage was supposed to be live, but even if it was, and I'm not 100% sure, they still could have embellished the footage later with screams for the sake of posterity. It's not as though anybody had a Tivo at home to record it. 

Frankly, if Oswald was shot to where his aorta and vena cava were severed, as we were told by Dr. Tom Shires at Parkland Hospital, I would NOT expect him to have the ability to scream. I would expect him to just collapse straight down and lose consciousness.   

One more thing: in the NBC footage, you hear Tom Pettit say that "detectives have their guns drawn" but having studied the films- all of them- I do not see a single detective or policeman with his gun drawn. Do you? If you know of one, please point it out to me. So, what really happened? Were there detectives who drew their guns in that garage? Or was Pettit just winging it? 

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