Monday, October 3, 2016

To those who claim that Oswald did not ride the bus and cab, who claim that the Dallas Police, on the spur of the moment, concocted the whole scenario and then dragged in phony witnesses and produced a piece of phony physical evidence, the bus transfer ticket, how do they account for the fact that Oswald said he rode the bus and cab?

I reported that John Armstrong reported that a total of 17 people confirmed that Oswald said he rode the bus and cab. It's in the Fritz Notes, including the cab fare. I don't think we can doubt that Oswald said that he rode the bus and cab. 

So, if the Dallas Police invented the whole "public transportation story" why did Oswald go along with it and support it? Was he part of the conspiracy to frame himself? Was he working with the Dallas Police in that scheme? In the words of the vernacular, why the pluck would he do that? Tell me exactly how that worked. 

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