Friday, October 14, 2016

In this newsreel footage of the Oswald shooting, it is shown very dark, and I suspect that was on purpose. You see Leavelle and Graves leading Oswald to his doom. 

How at that moment could Leavelle have his hand in Oswald's pants? You can see the point of Leavelle's shoulder, that it was behind Oswald. How long do you think Leavelle's arms were? And how much like a wet noodle do you think his arms were that he could somehow have his hand tucked in the front of Oswald's pants in the position that they were in at that moment? 

Let's shed a little light on it.

Alright, so now you clearly see that Leavelle's shoulder was behind Oswald. Knowing where Leavelle's shoulder was, and remember that means the top of his arm, how could his hand reach all the way to the front of Oswald's pants? What, going underneath him and around him? His arm wasn't spaghetti. 

Then, suddenly, it jumps from that to this bogus image:

This is totally fake, totally fabricated. That little waxy-looking hand and partial forearm of Leavelle were added. This is a totally bogus image, as is the Jackson photo. They are totally, completely bogus. They are pure theater. They're both Benjamin Braddock moments. 

"Look at Oswald. See Oswald being shot. There's nothing fake about this." 

Leavelle, Graves, Fritz, the detectives lining the wall- they were all in on it. They weren't policemen at the time; they were actors. And the stars of the show were Lee Harvey Oswald and James Bookhout. 

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