Friday, October 14, 2016

Well done Ralph keep up the good work, you can see its not Ruby in the CNN footage, which shows Bookhout looking to his left just before LHO walked out & you can see, heres a link i hope you can watched it. cheers :) you will see bookout look to his left & you can see his features & i hope Larry Rivera can do some great forensic photo work with it to compare it with Ruby, because it looks nothing like ruby at all ? Also notice the cops with LHO are a lot taller its to keep you eye on the cops, also the man next to Bookhout has what looks like a spy camera, he puts his hands to his face like he has a camera, but its way to same, so it must be a spy camera like a minox spy camera ? Official press cameras back then were large, so that man with the glasses has a spy camera to take film or photo of the shooting ? cheers Ralph & keep up the good work champ.

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