Monday, October 17, 2016

It has been suggested that James Bookhout's son could sue me. Actually, he can't. Only a person who has been libeled or slandered can sue, not a relative of that person. And if the person is dead, then it's tough luck. That's the law. 

And, it's not that I would be the least bit afraid if he could sue me. But, let's consider something: Since 1963, there has been exactly ONE civil trial concerning the JFK assassination, and that was E. Howard Hunt vs Liberty Lobby. And we all know how that ended, with E. Howard Hunt on his death bed agreeing with Liberty Lobby and pointing the finger at Lyndon Johnson. And, I am going to cite David Talbot here, who wrote that it is very probable and likely that Hunt mentioned Johnson and not Allen Dulles only because he worked under Dulles at the CIA for many years, and he was loyal to him and did not want to malign him. 

And of course, it was the great Mark Lane who kicked Hunt's ass at the trial and won the day. 

So, that's the one and only civil trial so far relating to the JFK assassination. 

And do you really think that in the year of Our Lord 2016 that anybody on the side of Officialdom wants another JFK civil trial? Do you really think they want to open that fucking wound?

So you see: it's NO. Nobody is going to sue me. They don't want this case making headlines again. They want it to go away, to fade away, to disappear. But, they ain't gonna' get what they want. 

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